Aperture Desk Job: Controller Guide (Which Controllers Support)

Click to read which controllers will support the game.   Steam Controller This game has full support for the Steam Controller. At one point, you need to touch the right “thumbstick” to use Gyro controls, just use your right touchpad instead (which acts like a thumbstick in this case). Xbox Controller (360, One, One S, Series X/S) … Read more

Aperture Desk Job: How to Noclip & Open Console

Here is a simple guide on how to noclip and open console in Aperture Desk Job.   How to open the console 1. Open your Steam Library [all images soon] 2. Right click to “Aperture Desk Job” 3. In context menu, select “Properties” 4. In “Launch options” enter – “-console -vconsole” without quotes 5. Open … Read more