Among Us: How to Change Textures in New Versions (July 2021)

Changing textures in NEW versions of Among Us (2021.6.30 and higher)   Why old method doesn’t work anymore? Innersloth updated Among Us to a new version of Unity that UABE still doesn’t support. Download UABEA (Unity Assets Bundle Extractor Avalonia) Here’s the link to GitHub release[] 1. Download UABEA from GitHub. 2. Extract archive into any directory … Read more

Among Us: How to Disable QuickChat

So, as you may know, Innersloth has added QuickChat to the game. People above the age of 12 can handle this easily, by going to the settings, data, then disable QuickChat. But for us under 12, we don’t have the freedom of disabling QuickChat. So for the unfree, here is a guide on how to … Read more

Among Us: How to Unblock Free Chat

This guide is for those who have a problem sending a message free chat.   What is the problem? Recently, the Innersloth team updated their Among Us game to 2021.2.21s. Where Quickchat was added for easy, fast and secure communication. But the Innersloth team initially decided to turn off regular chat for people under 18. To do this, they made a system where it will be necessary to … Read more

Among Us: How to Have an Invisible Name

How to make your name invisible in Among Us   WARNING: THIS ONLY WORKS ON MOBILE How To Go on Google Search “Hangul Filler” or “U+3164” Click the first website Copy the Unicode Go on Among Us Paste the Hangul Filler in the name Go in a game Hiding Spots MIRA HQ In Storage behind … Read more

Among Us: How to Change Stats

Remember that changing stats is basically the same as cheating so do it at your own risk.   How to do this 1. Go to {LINK REMOVED} 2. Click “Open File” in top left corner 3. Go to C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\Innersloth\Among Us and choose a file named “playerStats2” I’ve highlighted all the values where you should click (don’t … Read more

Among Us: How to Get any Pet & Skin & Hat for Free

In this guide, I will show you how to get any skin, hat, pet. To get it, we just need to dig into the game files and replace some values. It will take all literally 10 minutes. Go   Description I want to share with you information on how to get all pets, skins, hats … Read more

Among Us: Shortcut Keys (PC Controls)

Here are all of the PC controls when using the mouse and keyboard option.   Controlls as Impostor Q – Kill E – Use Vents or Sabotage Space – Use vents or Sabotage R – Report a Kill TAB – open map Esc – Close the task menu, security menu, or admin panel. W – … Read more

Among Us: Beginner Imposter Tips

Playing the Imposter is the biggest challenge for new players. Here are some tips to ease you in.   Your Skills So, the thug life chose you. Welcome to the dark side. It’s a bit cold and challenging out here, so let’s ease you in. Firstly, let’s look at the tools at your disposal. An … Read more

Among Us: Mouse & Keyboard Bindings

Here are some Keybindings to make actions a little quicker.   Bindings WASD and ARROW KEYS – Movement TAB – Map E and SPACE – Use, Sabotage, Vent R – Report Q – Kill ESC – Exit terminals and most menus. Extra E and SPACE both work if you want to access terminals, like Vitals on Polus, Security Cameras, Admin Tables, or Sensor Logs on Mira HQ. ESC can be … Read more

Among Us: How to Get Secret Christmas & Halloween Hats

This guide will tell you how to get free Christmas  and Halloween hats in Among Us!   Change PC’s Time Step 1: Right click your time on the task bar an the bottom of your desktop and click “Adjust date/time” Disabling “Set Time Automatically” and “Set Time Zone Automatically” Step 2: Uncheck “Set time automatically”, … Read more