Alchemist Simulator: Potion Crafting List

Just a Quick list I made to help with crafting every potion Credit to hyphz for is list on crafting aspects made this easier   Potion List Healing Heal: cut Heat from Coal, then Mortar level 1. Light: cut Life from a Healing Herb, then Mortar 1. Heat Resistance Cure: cut Heat from Coal. Cold: … Read more

Alchemist Simulator: All Achievement Lists

The achievements in this game are fairly easy. There are only one or two that are a bit vague but most of them have enough information in the description provided at release. You never know what sort of detail you might be missing so feel free to refer to the list below: Beginner’s Luck Make … Read more

Alchemist Simulator: All Potion Recipes

Sometimes you just want to Shift + TAB and check the overlay instead of walking to that dusty ol’ Almanac and wasting an ingame hour walking. This section will let you do exactly that by having all 30 available potion recipes right under your fingers. I had to walk to the damn Almanac and the … Read more

Alchemist Simulator: General Information and Tips

In this section, I listed stuff I learned during my playthrough. Some of them are about game mechanics while some are basic starter information. You can not jump or sprint (I know, sad). Also, the whole game takes place in the same house so you might want to get used to it. You will walk … Read more