AKIBA’S TRIP Hellbound & Debriefed: How to Get 20k/30k Cash in 30 seconds

A method to get quick cash mid-game.   Step 1: Unlock the dancing Layer cosplayer in the park She appears after passing the point where you stripped the IT Witch cross-dresser during the Meet Mr.X mission. She will be to your right as you enter the park. Step 2: Karate chop her in the throat … Read more

AKIBA’S TRIP Hellbound & Debriefed: Mini-Walkthrough (Gameplay Tips & FAQs)

I will be covering gameplay basics, random tips, unlockables and secrets in this game. Since I created a guide for 2 (Undead & Undressed), I thought about creating a guide for this 1 remaster as well. Warning: This guide may contain spoilers Also, this game is a remaster of 1. So if you think the … Read more