Across the Obelisk: Trustworthy & Untrustworthy Achievemnet Guide

Here is a guide on how to get Trustworthy and Untrustworthy achievement in Across the Obelisk.   Requirements For the Untrustworthy Achievement you need Cornelius in the Team. On the first Map the grey Event Node “Tom’s Farm – The baker’s son” needs to be available, if not just reload the run. Go to the node “Tom’s … Read more

Across the Obelisk: All Pets Guide (How to Get)

This guide will tell you what exactly each pet in the game does and will explain how to obtain each and every one. I will be adding pictures of the maps to help guide you along the nodes in the coming days as well.   Introduction There are currently 7 pets in the game, though … Read more

Across the Obelisk: All Conditions Guide

A rundown of all the conditions, what they do, and how to get rid of them   Preface Conditions suck. That’s just what they’re supposed to do though. You can use most of them against the enemies as well, but (for now at least) it seems Insane doesn’t work for us, only against us. This … Read more

Across the Obelisk: NG+ Walkthrough & Guide

introduce my NG+ walkthrough deck build. no legend cards, cheap & incredible powerful, just save the deck and forge will make u easy beat any NG+ map with score 12000+, crash all the challenge in 1-2 turns.   Introduction if u had play some DBG game like <Slay the Spire>, maybe u will find <Across … Read more