Above Snakes: Efficient Farm Guide

The most well-rounded method of getting 5000+ Gold, 365+ days passed, and tons of water and worldpieces.   Main Goals Scooping water is a great way to getting the following: Tons of Money (for 5000g Steam Achievement). Days passed (for 365-day Steam Achievement). Worldpieces (very) quickly. Tons of water (duh!). (Note:┬áIf you only need one … Read more

Above Snakes: Ingredient Guide and Recipe List

Recipe list including a list of ingredients for cooking and where to find them.   Ingredient List Item Tile Dirty Water Any water tiles Water See recipe below Sold by various merchants Fish Meat Any water tiles Have to fish. Fish also sold by Mr. Crood. Meat (Raw) Any with animals Bones Any with zombies … Read more