A Timeline Of Top 10 Major Game Studios That Was Shut down In The Past 12 Month

Maybe some of us never realised how fragile the job security of game developers is,  the developers who make games we love, they are exposed to sudden layoffs. In the past 12 month there were over 10 major studios were closed, even though some of them made lots of great games.

– September 21, 2018

Telltale Games
Creator of The Walking Dead and other episodic series
275 employees

 – September 18, 2018

Capcom Vancouver
Creator of Dead Rising
158 employees

 – September 6, 2018

Carbine Studios
Creator of Wildstar

 – May 23, 2018

Wargaming Seattle (formerly Gas Powered Games)
Creator of Supreme Commander, Dungeon Siege
150 employees

 – May 14, 2018

Boss Key Productions
Creator of LawBreakers and Radical Heights
60 employees at peak

 – February 28, 2018

The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency
Creator of Drawn to Death and a cancelled unannounced project

 – November 28, 2017

Gazillion Entertainment
Creator of Marvel Heroes
Approximately 200 employees

 – November 03, 2017

Runic Games
Creator of Torchlight and Hob

 – November 02, 2017

Creator of Gigantic
75 employees

 – October 27, 2017

Visceral Games
Creator of Dead Space, Battlefield Hardline, and an unreleased Star Wars project
80 employees


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