A Monster’s Expedition Full Map With Secret Locations

Here is the pixel version of the game’s full map, you can click the map to enlarge the map. we will add two secret locations for you.   Map Legend Blue: Water Green: Land Red: Postboxes Light/Dark Grey: Short/Tall Stones Light/Dark Brown: Short/Tall Trees Yellow: Friends (Secrets) Khaki: Docks (Start & End) White: Exhibits & … Read more

A Monster’s Expedition: Full Walkthrough

Complete walkthrough, we find all the achievements, statues, exhibits and monuments.   part 1 | monster traveler  timecode: 0:00 – start 1:08 – pedestal 1:40 – human backpack 2:37 – holiday lies 3:17 – poles and ropes 4:12 – Monster’s Journey achievement 5:12 – hanger for storing people 5:34 – inflatable flamingo 6:27 – … Read more