9th Dawn III: Basic Guide to Card Game

Mini guide to explain the basics of the game’s card game   Card game basics Equal number or higher means you capture the other card. Elements get a +2 bonus on non elements. Dark gets a +1 bonus on all elements but light. When Dark defends against an element, it gets a +2. Ice->Fire->Earth->Ice get … Read more

9th Dawn III: How to Level Up Different Magic

In late game it’s quite annoying to level up magic you’ve never used, especially if you want the achievement to get all abilities. I’ve found a nice way to level most magic types fast, and you can even do it afk if you have auto-keyboard program.   How to do it? It’s quite simple, you … Read more

9th Dawn III: Warrior Class Guide

This is guide based on my warrior walktrough.This guide little help you even if you choose not to be warror.   Prologue First at all don’ t buy any weapon or armor (if you can complete some dungeon ofc you can) bcs dungeon contain chest with good armor and weapon especialy Sinrock dungeon. ( This … Read more