5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel: How to Beat Backrank Basics

Is your brain itchy-witchy? No need to fear, smoothbrain. Here’s how you play 2D chess in a 5D space.   Backrank Basics 1 ~ Mate-in-one Ok, first one. Nothing too complicated yet. Move your rook to D1. :O you did it! Backrank Basics 2 ~ Mate-in-two Alright, this is where stuff starts to get really spicy! Move your rook … Read more

5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel: All 34 Puzzles

How to solve the 34 base puzzles, as well as explanations of WHY those are the solutions, spoilered so that you can control the pace at which you learn solutions.   Rook Tactics Completely confused and stuck? What you need to realize is that in 5D chess, pieces can move and capture through time and … Read more