20 Minutes Till Dawn: Weapon Evolutions (V1.0 Released)

Cheat sheet for the ones who (like me) can’t remember what exactly which evolution does, to help with specific builds, etc.   Revolver Shotgun Crossbow Flame Cannon Dual SMGs Batgun Grenade Launcher Magic Bow Cyclone Sword Salvo Knife Watering Gun Thanks to Not The Best for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. … Read more

20 Minutes Till Dawn: Shana’s Iced Out Shotgun Guide

This guide describes what upgrades to take to obtain a powerful build that is capable of defeating Darkness 0 without runes and scales into higher Darkness with Runes Character: Shana Weapon: Shotgun   Character Shana is available by default. Why take Shana? Shana gives the ability to reroll the upgrades available on level up, making … Read more